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Successful management by...
... efficient controlling.

Controlling is the future-oriented tool for corporate management and not only suitable for large companies. Especially mid-sized companies need to work on objectives supported by controlling to identify early variances in order to start countermeasures quickly.

Whoever formulates its business objectives clearly and monitors their development by controlling any weaknesses can be identified earlier, in order to improve costs savings and to find reserves for rationalization in order to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

What is your benefit?

  • To assure the data transparency in the company.
  • To identify changes by target-orientated and meaningful variance analysis.
  • To prepare decision based on substantiated and accurately evaluated facts.
  • To manage revenues and costs specifically with appropriate measures.
  • To ensure transparency for revenue related to all products, services, customers and markets.
  • To check the strategic success based on financial performance and if necessary, to derive actions in time.
  • To advise based on the data optimization of the business processes

Service portfolio

  • Modul 1Cost Accounting
  • Modul 2Product Controlling
  • Modul 3Anual Business Plan
  • Modul 4Project Controlling
  • Modul 5Capital Expenditure Controlling
  • Modul 6Reporting
  • Modul 7Risk Management, Balanced Scorecard

Please discuss with us the efficient application of controlling!