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Sustainable safeguarding of the operations...
...with appropriate financing.

Banks have been in lending credits to mid-sized company more cautious for many years. Often low equity of the company or the rating method of banks complicate to acquire new money for the company especially for capital expenditures related to expansion or financing of the operational business.

Following services we offer:

Creation of discussion documents for bank transactions

  1. Analysis of the bank portfolio How is the relationship bank interlinked to the company? Which bank-specific characteristics are important?
  2. Development of target structure What goals can and should be reached with the banks? What is the best structure?
  3. Moderation with selected banks What is the best financial model for the company? This question is discussed together with the banks and negotiated in detail.
  4. Alternatively partner check Are there alternative bank partners or venture capital that fit to the business?

We create for you the necessary documents for bank negotiation conversation!

Reduction with factoring the trade receivables or booked debts

A company sells some or all trade receivables and services continuously from its customers to a factoring institution. This gives the company immediate liquidity directly from its accounts receivables. The Factor checks before signing a contract and continuously checks the creditworthiness of customers and takes under an agreed limit, the full credit risk.

We determine from the multitude of providers the optimal factoring partner!

Organizing funding from the EU, federal, state and community

The market for funding, grants, subsidies, subsidized public credits and loans is difficult to grasp for entrepreneurs and for business founders normally by more than 8,000 differen funds not to be looked through. Here we identify for you demand-orientated the correct funding.

There is currently funding for the following:

  • Start-up
  • New business structure
  • Operating foundation
  • Company expansion
  • Equity investment in company
  • Cooperation
  • Purchase of machinery and equipment
  • Creating jobs and apprenticeships
  • Measures for environmental protection
  • Research and Development
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Export
  • Foreign investment
  • Fair support
  • International projects
  • Consolidation

We work closely with you to identify the sponsorship opportunities!

Mobilize liquidity with Sale and Lease back

With this form of financing the (used) assets are sold and the purchase price will be paid out. Directly after the disposal the company lease these goods.

If the goods for a sale and leaseback transaction are defined, usually a valuation report is created. Based on this report the finance deal will be calculated. If the lessee and lessor are united about the amount, terms and conditions of agreement, the contract is drawn up and signed. After expiration of the contract expires, the company has the option to purchase the leased item back.

We determine from the multitude of vendors the most suitable Sale and Lease back partner!

Obtain additional liquidity through mezzanine capital

The mezzanine capital enhances the bonding capital ratio, improves your balance sheet structure and thus the credit rating, without diluting the share structure. Liquidity is provided as subordinated debt, and without tying up collateral. Any interference in your operational daily business will not be done.

The hybrid form of financing can be either configured as equity and debt - tailored flexibly to meet your individual business situation. Thus mezzanine capital is suitable from financing growth, balance sheet optimization and consolidation to succession based on the change in ownership. Available financing volumes are between 2 million and 15 million euros.

We will find the right provider of mezzanine capital for you!

Discuss with us the best financing package for your business!